István Halász

Executive Director of Developments

István has been working at LUGOS Renewables Ltd. since April, 2019. Previously, he was employed by Optimum Solar Ltd., where he was responsible for the complete project development of feed-in tariff small power plants of 0.5 MW. It has been his task to acquire land lots required for investments, the rights to be connected to the grid, and the feed-in tariff licenses. He has managed and coordinated the conversions of land lots; during the required conversions of land lots, he has kept in touch with surveyors, land registries, and administrative departments; and has also collaborated in the conclusion of property-related preliminary purchase contracts, and later of the final purchase contracts.

At LUGOS Renewables. Kft, his main responsibilities comprise the definition of the company’s green future strategy, the setting of long-term goals, and the constant development and realization of renewable energy projects.
His achievements include the project development of 4 small solar power plants of 50 MW, currently under design and authorization. He was responsible for the complete project development of the first two proposals with the best offer in the tender issued on July 15, 2020 called “The financial assistance of energy from renewable sources under a green premium system in the tender” (METÁR ZP tender).