István has been working at LUGOS Renewables Ltd. since April, 2019. Previously, he was employed by Optimum Solar Ltd., where he was responsible for the complete project development...

István Halász

Executive Director of Developments

Dávid mainly coordinates projects ensuring resources required for Hungarian and international business developments, and supports the company’s holding activity, strategy creation and business planning processes.

Dávid Elmi

Executive Director of International Developments and Capital Raising

László has been working at the company since June 1, 2013 and he has been serving as the executive director of the company since November 15, 2013. During his work, he responsibly participates in every step of the company.

László Pécs

Executive Director of Holding Activities

László has been working at Optimum Solar Group since 2016, which also includes LUGOS Renewables Ltd., as a strategic consultant. His task at the company is to promote the achievement of long-term strategic goals.

László Zsemberi

Strategic Consultant

He is the leading partner of the Energy and Investment Team of Wolf Theiss in Budapest. He has several decades of experience in strategic investments for developing power plants and infrastructure...

Dr. László Kenyeres

Chief Legal Counsel

Alen joined LUGOS Renewables Ltd. (then known as Sárköz Green Plan Ltd.) in 2016 as an electrical design engineer. He is currently a chief designer at the electrical department.

Dr. Alen Hatibovic (PhD)

Chief Designer

He has been working in the renewable energy sector since 2012, starting as the executive director of the largest Hungarian solar panel manufacturer at that time...

Csaba Székely

Consultant of International Developments

Péter has been working at the Company since summer 2020; his tasks include the increase of the company’s efficiency and the sales of roof-mounted solar power plants.

Péter Baki

Process Management Manager, Support procurement and sales

Zsolt joined the company in the summer of 2020 and his responsibilities are to develop international relations and look for new opportunities in the area of hydrogen investments.

Zsolt Reszler

Sales Representative

Viktor joined the company in 2019 as the executive director of Optimum Way Ltd., the subsidiary dealing with Emobility.

Viktor Kőfalusi

Partner – Public Relations Consultant

Zsolt has joined our team – which was a small team at that time – 6 years ago. Due to his targeted professional development and his team-oriented approach, he has become one of the most essential members of our company...

Zsolt Farkas

Civil Engineer – Head of Design Department /Construction Drafting Team

Imre has a professional experience of 16 years in financial consultancy services, as a result of which, he has a comprehensive and deep knowledge of the functioning of several industrial sectors, and the financial processes of companies of those sectors.

Imre Alföldi

Chief Financial Officer

László has 8 years of professional experience in transaction services, as a result of which, he has a comprehensive knowledge of the functioning of capital markets, modelling and assessment methodologies...

László Gavallér

Business Development and Corporate Finance Manager