LUGOS Renewables Ltd.

Our company carries out project development for the purpose of long-term investment and energy source diversification. Within the framework of this, we also assist our clients in the field of planning, licensing and land acquisition as well as in the implementation of connection to the public network. In addition, we undertake the preparation of development plans related to the existing energy portfolio, the sale of project rights and the provision of services related to the power plants to be implemented.

LUGOS Renewables is the expert of the most cost-effective green power generation technologies, and as a committed believer of sustainability and clean energy, the company is beyond 1 GW successful project developments.
5 GW project portfolio is currently being developed.

Our employees have been involved in a number of international and domestic energy projects and developments as managers, consultants or owners, so the extensive analytical and management knowledge used by LUGOS Renewables ensures the highest professional standards, whether talking about roof and ground solar power plants, consumer networks and public distribution / systems connected to transmission networks, the development of an existing energy mix or early-stage projects requiring particularly extensive experience.

Projects making up the portfolio are sold either partly or utterly by LUGOS Renewables to investment partners, futhermore undertakes to operate them responsibly for 35 years within the partner network.

Our colleagues working at our headquarters in Budapest and at our branch in Baja provide a full range of services tailored to the needs of investors.


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