Dr. Alen Hatibovic (PhD)

Chief Designer

Alen joined LUGOS Renewables Ltd. (then known as Sárköz Green Plan Ltd.) in 2016 as an electrical design engineer. He is currently a chief designer at the electrical department.

Previously he had worked at EDF DÉMÁSZ Zrt. (currently known as MVM DÉMÁSZ Áramhálózati Ltd.) for nearly 16 years. His main duties there included the design and development of low- and medium-voltage networks, and the assessment of design documentation. In 2010, at the Innovation Competition of EDF DÉMÁSZ Network, Alen won first prize with the innovation called Design Program. With this program, he participated at the 19th Hungarian Innovation Grand Prix competition, representing EDF DÉMÁSZ Network. As an acclaimed innovation, the Design Program was included in a publication called Innovation Grand Prix 2010.

The electrical department of LUGOS Renewables Ltd. has specialized itself in the design of small solar-powered power plants under the management of Alen. They have developed model schemes of ground-based small solar-powered power plants with strings and central inverters. In the past four years, LUGOS Renewables Ltd. has completed the design of more than 150 solar power plants below 0.5 MW, and they are currently engaged in the design of several solar power plants below 50 MW.

Alen is a graduated High Voltage Electrical Engineer who got his PhD title at Óbuda University. Besides being engaged in electrical design, he also conducts research and he regularly publishes his results at prestigious professional conferences and journals in Hungary and abroad. Currently, 34 of his publications are recorded in the Hungarian Scientific Bibliography in English, Hungarian and Croatian languages. The full list is available at the following website: www.m2.mtmt.hu

Alen’s notable professional memberships:

  • Member of the Professional and Scientific Committee of the Hungarian Electrotechnical Association,
  • Member of the Editorial Committee of the Elektrotechnika (Electrotechnics) journal,
  • Member of the Board of Trustees responsible for the professional supervision of the InfoShow event,
  • Member of MEE (Hungarian Electrotechnical Association), MMK (Hungarian Chamber of Engineers), CIGRE, CIRED organizations.