Zsolt Farkas

Civil Engineer – Head of Design Department /Construction Drafting Team

Zsolt has joined our team – which was a small team at that time – 6 years ago. Due to his targeted professional development and his team-oriented approach, he has become one of the most essential members of our company, as the head of the “construction team”. Besides his diverse activities, he attends complex design tasks, in addition to which, one of his main daily tasks is the coordination and support of designers and preparers employed in his team.

In addition to his self-educated personality, his studies and previous professional experiences allow him to provide high level professional assistance by actively participating in project developments and technological developments.

He had a key role in the development of the custom-designed solar panel supporting fixture of fixed inclination (in solar parks below 500 kVA nominal power output) of the group of companies, the success of which is best proven by the more than 200 existing solar parks that use it, and that it is preferred also in small systems.

He was the one to introduce and apply the satellite-based (GPS, GNSS) location technology, which means area measurements of geodetic accuracy during surveys and constructions. The back and forth measurement procedure of the construction process has allowed a realization according to plans, which is accurate to the centimeter if required.

Our company is the only one to create models of our systems designed in a simulation program that is acknowledged worldwide (PVsyst), the results of which give guidelines on the development of projects.

In the field of digital photogrammetry (airborne mapping), he leads the introduction of the application of the technology and the continuous developments. He set the reduction of survey and design times, more precise calculations, and the reduction of possible design errors as goals of innovation.