László Pécs

Executive Director of Holding Activities

László has been working at the company since June 1, 2013 and he has been serving as the executive director of the company since November 15, 2013. During his work, he responsibly participates in every step of the company.

Due to the large-scale growth of the company, LUGOS Renewables Ltd. has more than one executive director since 2019, each of whom is responsible for a special area, but the daily activities of the company are managed by László. He has a significant role in the majority of contracting, in managing subcontractors and own employees, in invoicing, in bank transfers, in managing credits and loans, in the case management of leases and premises, in taking out insurances, in the realization of investments, in the drafting of regulations, in communication and consultation related to bookkeeping, in the drafting of accounts, in the reporting of data, in the preparation of reports, and in the coordination of general meetings. He has been an integral part of every development and own investment realized since 2013.