László Gavallér

Business Development and Corporate Finance Manager

László has 8 years of professional experience in transaction services, as a result of which, he has a comprehensive knowledge of the functioning of capital markets, modelling and assessment methodologies, and also has a complex accounting knowledge. He joined LUGOS Renewables Ltd.in 2020, where his main duties include the strategic management of the company’s financial and accounting matters and the support of processes to obtain finance. His responsibilities also include the development and design of the business plans of affiliated companies of the group (holdings, major entities, SPVs).

László earned his bachelor’s degree, specialized in accounting, in finance and accounting at the Budapest Business School, and then attended the Corvinus University of Budapest, where he earned a master’s degree in corporate finance. He has 8 years of professional experience in transaction and financial consultancy services. He has spent a considerable portion of his career at the Department of Transaction Services at the Hungarian group company of PricewaterhouseCoopers, an international auditor and consulting firm. He later continued his career as a consultant in private practice. He joined LUGOS Renewables Ltd. in 2020.

He participated in and also led the financial due diligence and business assessment work of several firms. Besides all these, he has a deep experience in the development of business modelling-, finance procurement- and cost efficiency projects.