Péter Baki

Process Management Manager, Support procurement and sales

Péter has been working at the Company since summer 2020; his tasks include the increase of the company’s efficiency and the sales of roof-mounted solar power plants.

He has a professional experience of 13 years in procurement in large enterprises, and 5 years of management experience. Besides the daily work, the main aspects of his professional career have been process design and “fine-tuning” in order to achieve efficiency improvement results.

After a few years of gaining experience abroad, he started his career as a geography teacher – in accordance with his bachelor’s degree – in a secondary technical school of logistics.

His corporate career started at the procurement organization of Dunántúli Regionális Vízmű Zrt., where he had a chance to use his ongoing economic studies. By establishing a process-based centralized procurement while conducting corporate and public procurement procedures, they have managed to create an up-to-date operating environment.

From 2010, he first managed the needs of the fields of Health, Safety and Environmental Protection by leading a group of 3-5 at the procurement organization of MOL Nyrt. From 2016, as the manager responsible for Hungarian indirect procurement, he also had the chance to experience the inner operation and managerial values of a multinational company. In 2019, the bounds of his tasks were extended, and as the manager of the group-wide international indirect procurement, he was responsible for the work of 50 people.

During his work, it is important to him to build trust; he believes in the importance of sharing information, in the partnership of advisory nature, and in the power of value creation and delegation.